Turbotsan: Crates Boats Entirely From Plastic

Turbotsan: Crates Boats Entirely From Plastic

Successful implementation of a business idea.
Turkey is a sea-faring nation with a millennium of shipbuilding behind it. In a nondescript industrial building, typical of the more prosperous areas of Istanbul, innovative products have been created for the past five years: ''Turbotsan'' has been building boats made entirely from plastic. The original idea came to Levent Sen and Burcin Yaslan (owners of Turbotsan), thanks to his exposure to inflatable Zodiac boats. He wanted his boat design to be sturdier than the German originals. The question, however, was which tools to use to weld the plastic and how could the critical weld quality be achieved ? He who seeks shall find: Burcin Yaslan came across Tokgöz-Makina, and subsequently discovered the perfect tools for his application from Leister, which he could use to turn his dreams into reality. Leister sales partner for Turkey, Mahzar Tokgöz, carried out welding trials with Burcin Yaslan and introduced him to Leister’s innovative extrusion welding technology. Following this introduction to Leister, the first boat was successfully fabricated and floated.

From simple boats to all the fixtures and fittings.
Turbotsan and his 20 person team now produce about 40 boats a year. They create strong and sturdy working boats with a modern, innovative design. The boats are able to cope with the high seas in all weather, and have been certified accordingly. Orders come from various users including a number of coastguards and the boats have proven their ability to deliver in the harshest of operating conditions. The boats are fabricated in a range of shapes and sizes, from small open cockpits to 18-metre boats with cabins and lower decks. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the boats can be supplied with complete engines and fittings or without. The designs are constantly being optimized and the range of models expanded based on input from customers. «Turbotsan» plans to expand its production facilities to meet the growing demands of its customers.

Based on solid bonds.
Various types of plastics have been making inroads into the boat-building sector. “Turbotsan” boats are made from PE (Polyethylene). A frame built from PE pipe creates the basic skeleton of the boat. The frame is then welded to a number of PE plates to form the solid hull. The hull system is welded exclusively using Leister hand-held extruders. To ensure that the resulting hollow spaces do not take on water in the event of a leak, they are filled with foamed EPS (expanded polystyrene). The result is a sturdy, long-lasting, lightweight and agile boat that is indistinguishable from a conventionally-manufactured boat.

Full Leister range in use.
UV-stabilized PE plates and pipes with thicknesses ranging from 10 mm to 50 mm are the primary materials of construction. The pipes are joined together using butt welding methods. The high number of extruder weld seams in these joints calls for a cost-effective production process with exceptional welding quality. These demanding requirements have been met head-on by the reliable hand-held extruders from Leister. The welded seams between the pipe frame and the hull construction are joined with Leister’s most powerful hand-held extruder, the ''WELDPLAST S4'' , which can produce up to 4 kg of extrudate an hour. The many small joints are welded with the ''FUSION 3C'' or the new WELDPLAST S2; in hard-to-reach areas, the compact ''FUSION 2'' is used. The hand-held ''TRIAC S Hot Air Tool'' is the tool of choice for attaching the plates and expanding the captain’s cabin and lower deck.

Reliable equipment and on-site service.
Turbotsan is delighted with the high weld quality, convenience and reliability of Leister tools. New staff is quickly and easily trained in handling the various hand-held extruders. This is particularly important as the demand for Yaslan’s boats continues to grow. In the event that specialized accessories are needed or that unexpected production problems are encountered, Leister’s sales partner Tokgöz- Makina is readily available. This is the same kind of service that Leister offers around the world, thanks to its more than 120 sales and service partners.

Requirements more than satisfied.
Turbotsan's innovative product, like his time, is very much in demand. That is why he can rarely spare the time to attend the launch of each of his boats. However, when he is able to attend, the sight of each launch fills him with pride. He knows that each of his boats will exceed the demands required of them in terms of quality and safety – in part, thanks to the use of reliable tools from Leister. Through his partnership with Leister, Burcin Yaslan and Levent SEN were able to achieve their dream – building leading-edge plastic boats for markets around the world.