Since its establishment, Akuadan aquaculture has succeeded jobs that make a difference
 and break ground in the aquaculture sector. Including fish vaccine applications (domestic and foreign activities), feed and feed supplement for sale, cages and mooring systems installation and sale, a first in Turkey 'Fish Disease Diagnosis and Analysis Laboratory' by establishing the commencement of the services, fish transfer pump, fish counting machines, automatic feeding systems installation and sales, bringing innovative products such as BARGE manufacturing and sales to the Turkish Aquaculture sector, boat manufacturing using polyethylene (PE) and all maintenance services (under the umbrella of Turbotsan Bot İmalat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.), We brought many innovations to the Aquaculture and Marine sector.
Our Mission is to break ground in the Turkish Aquaculture industry, to be so efficient that we can meet all the needs in the sector. By attaching importance to science and technology since 1994, we have always adhered to our mission and vision. We acted with the motto "People First" in all our domestic and international applications and we will continue to act in this direction.
In the Aquaculture sector, which provides the greatest added value to our country, we will continue to make our name known abroad and to represent our country in the best way.